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The Greeks Are Coming, The Greeks Are Coming

Just like that, the boats were full. Once Greece and the EU came to an agreement on additional austerity measures, the threat of a Grexit was extinguished and with a slight … Continue reading

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Empty Boat :(

Early AM ferry to Sifnos today. I’m still jet-lagged and very sleepy, a bit apprehensive too. This is our first visit to Sifnos (Greece, in fact) in July. We usually … Continue reading

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The Most Widely Planted Grape in Greece Is……..

SAVATIANO!  This grape has been historically synonomous with Restina but now is used to blend with other higher acid grapes to produce elegant, well-balanced white wines.  Papagiannakos Winery in Markopoulos … Continue reading

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Cafe Culture Going Strong

Woke up to sunny blue skies and warm temps…..perfect Greek weather.  We headed down to the square to check on how things really are, not what the media is telling … Continue reading

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Boy, I Do Hope This IS Good Luck!

9am  Doused from head to shoulders with the worst-smelling pigeon poo ever known to mankind,  I remain optimistic that this will be a sign of great things to come today. … Continue reading

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Well, This Should Be Interesting!

We planned THIS well.  Leaving for our annual vacation to Greece tomorrow. Sea, sand, wine, ouzo, octopus, and…….a  possible Grexit!?  Yikes. Today, Greece submitted their last minute financial proposal to the rest of … Continue reading

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