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Boy, I Do Hope This IS Good Luck!


9am  Doused from head to shoulders with the worst-smelling pigeon poo ever known to mankind,  I remain optimistic that this will be a sign of great things to come today.  Check back as the day progresses!

11:30am  Well, some news in.  The EU has confirmed a unanimous deal has been reached in the Greek debt crisis.  While this pretty much eliminates the possibility of a Grexit from the Euro, it isn’t necessarily good news for the Greek people. It appears the deal contains additional austerity measures to which the Greek people voted against last week. Riots tonight?  We’ll see.

10:30pm Well, no violent rallies or riots, but this is a very numb country, uncertain of what is next.  We did spend today, however, drinking wine with Vassilis Papagiannakos, winemaker/owner of one of my favorites Greek wineries (Papagiannakos). Like all businesses AND people, this is hitting them very hard, but they are continuing to increase production and, consequently, expanding their export market.  I am certain they are not alone.  More on their wines and winery tomorrow from the ferry to Sifnos!  Yassas, Athens!


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