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Well, This Should Be Interesting!

Here we go!We planned THIS well.  Leaving for our annual vacation to Greece tomorrow. Sea, sand, wine, ouzo, octopus, and…….a  possible Grexit!?  Yikes. Today, Greece submitted their last minute financial proposal to the rest of the EU and by the time we land (or so) we should find out if we’ll be using the drachma again. 😉 Bummer, because we loaded our suitcases with Euro.

We are remaining optimistic, however. Flying through London so we’ll likely snack on some weird packaged sandwiches of cottage cheese, cucumber and curry at Heathrow.  But soon enough, we’ll be scarfing down some souvlakia and Moscofilero in Athens.  Yamas!

If my plan sticks, on Monday I’ll show off the amazing Savatiano at Papagiannakos Winery in Markopoulo and lunch and swim in Porto Rafti!

Kalo taxidi (kah-loh-tax-ée-dee)!


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