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Empty Boat :(

Early AM ferry to Sifnos today. I’m still jet-lagged and very sleepy, a bit apprehensive too. This is our first visit to Sifnos (Greece, in fact) in July. We usually go in June. The islands are known to be PACKED with tourists in July and August– the boat, the hotels, the restaurants. Sometimes you can’t even see the sand because the beach is covered in towels.


Fortunately for us but unfortunately for the Greek businesses, this is not the case this year. Our boat was EMPTY, only a handful of cars and our pick of seats. My moment of relief was brief, quickly replaced with the sad realization that this could be the beginning of a very long struggle for Greek tourism and indefinite stay-cations for the Greek people.

Upon arrival in Faros (our little beach home for the next 10 days), there were more people on the beach than we had expected. However, we did notice that these were not Greeks. These were foreign tourists. While of course happy to see us, our friends running our hotel and our favorite tavernas were visibly saddened by the cancellations and lack of reservations. We found it hard to imagine enjoying ourselves over the next 10 days with the subtle melancholy looming in the air.

But then we realized that our huge group of friends and family were going to spend a LOT of money on food, drinks and hotel rooms at our friends’ establishments. To that, we toasted with our first of many Mythos. στην υγειά μας!


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