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GGWT Becomes eGGWT

YASSAS ALL! Hope everyone is healthy and sane as can be. Here at Greek Grape Wine Tours HQ, we are sadly unraveling all of our GGWTs for the year. After such a milestone heavy 2019, it surely is tough. We are all struggling in some way right now.

In the meantime, we are converting GGWT to eGGWT by offering you online tools to help you ‘feel’ like you are in Greece and to increase your knowledge of Greek wine and all the wonderful wine regions we visit. So, keep your PJs on, keep your passport in your drawer and STILL become an ‘online’ Greek wine expert!

First, let’s set the mood!

Take a peek at this video as you virtually join me on a previous Greek Grape Wine Tour. This will surely get you excited for your studies! (Don’t forget to turn on your volume!)

eLesson #1: Category Overview

Listen as I guide this lively discussion with Konstantinos Lazarakis MW, Greece’s first Master of Wine, about the history, regions and varietals of Greek wine.

eLesson #2: Greek Wine Regions In-depth

With the Greek Wine Federation, Konstantinos also created this series of short but very informative videos detailing several of the most important wine regions. English versions available!

eLesson #3: Case Studies

In this next series, listen to 7 winemakers from some of Greece’s top wineries discuss what is happening in the Greek wine market right now and exciting things they have on the horizon.

eLesson #4: Take it Mobile

Download our mobile app, Greek Wine on the Go!, for immediate access to detailed information on Greek varieties, including varietal pronunciation, a map with all the growing regions, and list of notable producers. (Available here Apple and Google).

OK! Now that you are dripping with Greek wine education, it is time to test what you’ve retained. Here are two fun, interactive tests. Whether you fancy crossword puzzles or your standard quiz, you will have a great time challenging yourself! Congrats for making it this far!! Yassas!

One comment on “GGWT Becomes eGGWT

  1. lizthach
    June 19, 2020

    It is so cool that you were still doing this. Do you want to get together some evening for a 6 foot happy hour?

    Warm Regards,

    Dr. Liz Thach, MW Distinguished Professor of Wine Sonoma State University Sonoma County, California, USA Cell +1.707.792.2002 Note: using voice activated software-apologies for typos



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