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CRETE: GGWT’s Newest Addition

There was one thing that was bugging me about my Greek Grape Wine Tours itinerary. It didn’t include Crete.  How could I include the largest island in Greece while still keeping the trip length manageable for most travelers? But also, how could I not share this gorgeous, historically varied and wine diverse region with wine lovers?

The answer is: I can’t. I must share it.

So, starting in 2019 all Greek Grape Wine Tours will conclude in Crete rather than in Santorini. For those folks dying to see Santorini, don’t worry! I will offer an add-on excursion to the nearby island, or you can easily visit on your way back to Athens!

Unlike Santorini, Crete’s wine country is just starting to become more of a destination than a pleasant surprise. And once you visit, you will understand why. Crete really does Cretebeachhave it all….rugged mountains and deep gorges, beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque mountain villages and quaint harbor towns, mind-blowing archaeological history, and a gastronomy scene that is off the charts. Add to this, over 30 wineries all excelling in the production of Crete’s delicious indigenous grape varietals. It’s a wine lover’s paradise!

There are 11 indigenous varietals on the island, all likely names you haven’t heard before. (That is until you come along on a Greek Grape Wine Tour with me next year!)

Malvasia di Candia
Muscat of Spina


The majority of the 30+ wineries are situated around the bustling city of Heraklion, also home to most of the island’s archaeological museums. crete_integrated_mapWe will visit 1-2 wineries here and focus the rest our time visiting wineries and olive mills near the beautiful Venetian harbor town of Chania. I’m now working with our winery hosts on creating some amazing surprises for our visits next year. I think you’ll be thrilled!  And like all Greek Grape Wine Tours, there will be plenty of time to explore on your own.

After our time together, you will understand my struggle and realize that 3 days is just not enough time to take full advantage of what Crete has to offer. It will, however, give you a great overview so you will know what you need to visit or re-visit when you come back to this gem of an island.

For more information on Greek Grape Wine Tours 2019, please visit or email me at I hope I get the opportunity to share Crete’s beautiful wine country with you next year! It surely will be a trip of a lifetime.



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